The Development


Boyana is the most prestigious southern quarter of Sofia, a preferred location by foreigners and people of high social status. Among its indisputable advantages are clean air, good infrastructure combined with park environment, excellent panorama and communication links with the Sofia city center. In the framework of the new urban plan of the quarter, neat and small housing blocks and family houses with modern architecture are constructed. Investors have had a strong interest in this part of Sofia for years, due to the exceptionally high- quality and luxurious constructions and conveniently located, close to the Sofia Business park, for their clients.

The area

  • 1. National Museum of History
  • 2. President`s Residence
  • 3. Ring Mall
  • 4. Business Park + Tube station
  • 5. Vitosha ski-lift
  • 6. Bulgaria MALL
  • 7. South Park
  • 8. Paradise MALL + Tube station (opening till the end of 2015
  • 9. National Palace of Culture and the main Vitosha street
  • 10. Euroterra Bulgaria Headquarter
  • 11. Presidency
  • 12. Borisova Garden Park
  • 13. The MALL
  • 14. Sofia Airport +Tube station

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