The land that gave birth to the legendary Orpheus and Spartacus, Bulgaria is a country with a long, tumultuous and fascinating history. It has been invaded, conquered and settled by Scythians, Romans, Byzantines and Turks. All of them had left indelible marks on the landscape. Significant for the cultural development was Bulgaria’s medieval ‘Golden Age’, when the Bulgar Khans ruled over one of the largest empires in Europe. Nowаdays the historical heritage and modern art have their own places in the cultural map of Bulgaria.

Sofia is the host of several art, design and movies festivals, which cover a major part of Europe’s cultural calendar. Among all these, the one that cannot be missed must be the “Spirit of Burgas”, the renowned pop music festival that is hosted in the seaside area of Burgas, where famous pop singers from all over the world can all be seen on stage.